My practice is currently online.  

Online counselling sound new to you?  Clients have been surprised by how impactful, supportive and helpful online counselling has been.  

If you have found yourself here, please browse then contact me to see how we can help you.




Perhaps you are reading this because of curiosity... wondering how I can help?  


I offer a safe, non-judgemental space for you to be heard and understood.  

Feeling lost, stuck, challenged or unknowing with where you are right now?  Feel overwhelmed? Anxious?  

My clients say therapy, including online therapy, has given them  "...a chance to breathe".


Seeking counselling from a professionally trained therapist has become a more recognised and useful way to

support your desire for change.  

Would you like to feel in the centre of your own life again, or maybe for the first time, feel more able to direct your life?  

Take a look at my site and if you wish to explore further, please contact me.  


My private practice is now all online so my client base is wider than London Bridge, the location of my physical practice.



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